Monday, 24 July 2017


143. By maintaining a questioning attitude in and through our breath-awareness, body-awareness, inner-awareness, we come to face the mind or self that underlies the mind that moves, argues, hopes, fears, desires. We come face to face with the very mind that Eka told Bodhidharma he could not take hold of, and that we cannot take hold of. This is the very mind that Master Rinzai speaks of when he says, 'Mind has no form and penetrates every corner of the universe. In the eye it sees, in the ear it hears, in the nose it smells, in the mouth it talks, in the hand it seizes, in the leg it runs'. And he adds, 'Let all interfering thoughts depart from Mind, and you experience emancipation wherever you go'. That is to say, in whatever situation you find yourself, you will enjoy the freedom of the pacified Mind (that was never in need of pacification).

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