Wednesday, 26 July 2017


145. The authentic Zen awakening that gives us lasting peace is 'awakening to your own true self and it is not some passive momentary happening. Awakening becomes actualized when one pays attention to reality, when one is open, aware and gives total attention to the reality other than the self. This is ... above all a realization of Emptiness. It is coming home' (AMA Samy). Having come home to this Emptiness, we find ourselves abiding in the peace of the mind that is no-mind. And here we find that we can act from a deeper level of our being, a level in which we are grounded in body and breath awareness. This groundedness empowers us to be selflessly open to the world and to others.     Grounded in this groundless ground, we find ourselves enveloped and embraced by the mystery that is graciousness. Even in a world beset by tragedy, suffering and death, we enjoy a calm security and peace of mind that we can communicate, even without being aware of it, to those we meet and to the world at large.  

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