Thursday, 14 December 2017


178. Some words from Zen Master AMA Samy: 'When we look around the world, and look into ourselves, we can easily fall into despair and despondency .... Cynicism and despair can easily become our refuge; it is the cave of illusion and darkness from which it is not easy to come out once you fall into it .... Some pseudo masters will say that this world filled with suffering and evil is only illusion, maya, that to be enlightened is to discard this world as an illusory dream, and that there is nobody who suffers and nobody who inflicts suffering. Be warned against such false prophets. The 'Four Great Vows' are the way to keep us sane and on the right path; they are the forms of faith, trust, hope and love. When ultimate reality is not seen and experienced as goodness, beauty and truth, then might becomes right and despair clouds our hearts and minds.'

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