Friday, 12 July 2019


344. If you would go deep into Zen, you must make a serious commitment by becoming the student of a teacher. But be very careful in your choice of a teacher. He or she should be an authentic master. In making your decision you should pay attention to the call of the Bodhicitta, the deep yearning you find stirring within you for the liberation of yourself and all beings.
   In becoming a disciple you learn to put on the heart-mind of the master, the Dharma as realized in and through your teacher. This you must do in order to go beyond your teacher so that you can embody the Dharma in yourself as your very Self. To do this you must heed the call to a life of renunciation and self-transformation for the sake of the whole world.
   Following the teacher you enter the Sangha, the community of disciples and fellow students. Here you must realise and embody the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha by allowing the Bodhicitta to realize and actualize itself in and through you. 

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