BODHIMOUNT ZENDO is located in Armidale in the Northern Tablelands of the Australian state of New South Wales. It was established early in 2015 by its resident teacher Zen Master Carl Hooper (Mysterious Cloud Bodhi ken).

Bodhimount Zendo is in the lineage and tradition of Bodhi Sangha, an international community of Zen practitioners founded and directed by Zen Master AMA Samy. Zen practice at Bodhimount Zendo is modeled on that at Bodhi Zendo in South India where AMA Samy is the resident master. Central to this practice is zazen or sitting meditation.

Zazen at Bodhimount Zendo is practised as either shikantaza (just sitting) or kōan inspection. Other practices include kin-hin (walking meditation), sūtra chanting, teishō (presentation of the teaching), dokusan (teacher interview), and samu (mindful work in the service of the community).

Early morning sessions of zazen are offered three times a week. Zazenkai, an extended session of practice, is held on the third Sunday of each month.

A feature of the Zen practised at Bodhimount Zendo is the way it brings together elements from both the Rinzai and Sōtō Zen traditions. It is also open to influences from Hinduism and Christianity.

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