CARL HOOPER (Mysterious Cloud Bodhi ken) is the founder and resident teacher of Bodhimount Zendo. He began his training with Zen Master AMA Samy in 1988 in Australia. Over the years this training has included extended stays at Bodhi Zendo in the mountains of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Towards the end of 2013 Zen Master AMA Samy acknowledged him as a Bodhi Sangha teacher. Then, on the 6th October 2016, during sesshin with Zen Master AMA Samy (Gen Un ken), he was confirmed as an independent Zen Master.

Carl has also trained with, and acknowledges a deep debt of gratitude to, a number of Diamond Sangha teachers, especially Subhana Barzargi roshi, Gillian Coote roshi, and Paul Maloney roshi.

Carl has a Masters degree in philosophy from the University of Sydney and a Doctorate from the University of New England. The title of his doctoral dissertation is Kōans: the Philosophical Investigations of Zen.

Zen Master Carl Hooper (Mysterious Cloud Bodhi ken) is committed to following the Way of the Dharma, to serving the Sangha, to being true to the Vision of Bodhi Sangha, and to realising the Four Great Vows for All.  He is committed to the Sangha and to caring for his disciples. He endeavours to support the social projects of Bodhi Zendo in India.

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