Tuesday, 13 December 2016


69. Zen practitioners have a special devotion to the Maha prajna paramita hrdaya sutra. This sutra is a response to a question about practice. The question: how should one practise in order to realise the highest wisdom? Practitioners chant this sutra daily and sometimes more often than that. The sutra gives verbal expression to the realisation of emptiness and its manifestation in form. It also expresses the practitioner's commitment to the ongoing practice of the wisdom that flows from this realisation. Furthermore, out of the authentic practice of prajnaparamita there arises karuna, the great compassion of the Awakened One. The dynamism of the practice of prajna and karuna drives the practitioner onward and ever onward in a radically changed perspective regarding what constitutes reality. The changed perspective itself is not static but entails a continuous deconstruction of all essentialist concepts of the self, the world and what makes for human flourishing in the world.

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